Henna Tattoos & Airbrush Tattoos are tons of fun!

Airbrush & Henna Tattoos

Truly unique and lasting artistic fun for all ages – gorgeous designs that apply quickly don’t wash off…

Airbrush Tattoos

*2-hour minimum on all bookings

Airbrush Tattoo Hourly Rate

  • 1 – 1.5 minutes each to apply
  • 45-55 designs per hour
  • Stays on the skin for 2-5 days
  • Application by stencil with oil-based paint, great for all ages
  • Waterproof within minutes of application – and get a real-looking black and white or full-color tattoo the easy way!
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Henna Tattoos

*2 hour minimum on all bookings

Henna Tattoo Hourly Rate

  • 3-5 minutes each to apply
  • 16-22 designs per hour
  • Stays on the skin up to 2-3 weeks
  • Application by hand with organic henna-paste skin dye
  • Gorgeous and long-lasting designs for both men and women – safe for kids and adults of all ages
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Totally a fantastic experience. They were prompt, professional, and easy to work with. Highly recommend to anyone needing services.”

Anna R. - Multiple artists for a company picnic

“Lindsay was great very nice and the kids loved her!”

Anna A. - Basic face painting & balloon twisting combo for a private party

“Thank you so much for working with us yesterday! We loved the challah crowns you put together. Totally made our event!”

Chana A. - Balloon twisting for a local banquet

Also see our local teams in Colorado & Arizona!

Frequently Asked Questions

What goes into henna paste? How safe is it?

Henna tattoos are completely safe for all ages! Henna is a small flowering shrub that has many uses. Fragrant flowers are used to create perfume, and the leaves are dried and then turned into a fine powder that’s used for dying clothes, hair and temporarily dying the skin — hence henna tattooing. We use only the finest, all-natural henna paste products, both high-quality pre-made brands and quality hand-mixed pastes. 

How are henna tattoos applied?

Next, henna tattoos are applied by squeezing the paste out of small cones directly onto the skin. Much like a cake decorator squeezes frosting onto a cake, henna artists squeeze the paste onto the skin in fine lines. Our henna artists bring design option sheets for each person to choose from. Both very simple or more complex designs can be chosen, and applied to any part of the body other than the face – usually hands, arms, legs or feet. The henna paste cakes up and dries and must stay on the skin for about an hour, at which point you rub off the paste, and see that the skin has been stained beneath it. At first the dye is light, but becomes darker after several hours or overnight.

What paint is used for airbrush tattoos? How safe is it?

Airbrush tattoos are 100% safe and perfect for any age! Our standard aibrush tattoo paint does not irritate the skin at all – it is the highest-quality oil-based paint and stays on the skin for 2-5 days.

How are airbrush tattoos applied?

Airbrush tattoos are sprayed onto the skin with an airbrush paint machine. Each person selects a design from a design book or board, and the artist finds the stencil in their stencil file which corrolates to that design. The skin is wiped clean with a wipe, the stencil is held down onto the skin, and the tattoo artist sprays one or more colors over the stencil thoroughly. Although when the stencil is lifted, the design appears and is crisp, bold and beautiful! They can be applied to any part of the body other than the face – often that means hands, arms, legs, backs, or necks. Fun fun fun!

Artsy Events donates $5 from every artist booked to help stand up for kids.

Our donations are split between Operation Underground Railroad – fighting to eradicate child sex trafficking, and No Kid Hungry – ending childhood hunger in America.

Read more about them here and join us in standing up for children everywhere!

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